On the Border

Holulaloa Cropped MapHawaii Eco Domes Retreat is located on the border! To clarify, Holualoa versus Honalo is explained herein.

Holualoa Village features historical buildings, coffee farms, tours, and art galleries. Visit the Holualoa Village Association for details and historic photos.

South of Holualoa is Honalo, home of historical sites.

The Daifukuji So-to- Mission is a Zen Buddhist temple established in 1914. Reverend Kaiseki Kodama walked Big Island twice to collect donations to build the small thatched structure. In 1920 the temple was expanded and in 1921 a Buddha image was enshrined in the main hall.

The temple is a blend of traditional Japanese architectural forms adapted to local Hawaiian building methods. It was designed by first-generation immigrant (Issei) Yoshisuke Sasaki who owned a store nearby in Keauhou.

Zen Buddhist Temple

Zen Buddhist Temple in Honalo

The temple became the center of Japanese immigrant society in the Kona area in the 20th century. A store built just south (next door), of the mission by the Teshima family in 1929 became a restaurant, and expanded in 1940. In 2009, Shizuko Teshima was 102 years old and still owned the restaurant located on the Kona Heritage Corridor.

Today the Teshima Restaurant continues to thrive and is a favorite amongst locals. Guests of the Hawaii Eco Domes Retreat are encouraged to give it a try. Why not? Online reviews are outstanding!TeshimasRestaurant Sign

Holulaloa District

Holulaloa District


Honalo District

Honalo District